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Pouring High Water-Bring me the head of peg legged Antonio(plunk's plan/JPN/PPCDR006/CDR)

01 Bring me the head of peg legged Antonio


TOMO : Hurdy Gurdy
a' qui avec Gabriel : accordion
Suzuki Junzo : Gibson Electric Spanish 335

Recorded at Atelier Himawari Jan 2010
Engineered by Iwao Yamazaki (Atelier Himawari)

Photographs by Makoto Kawabata
Artwork by Shin Yanagida (Helluva Lounge)
produced by Pouring High Water

Release Date Feb 11 2010

New psychedelic drone unit, "Pouring High Water" is formed by TOMO who is known as the Leader of Drone/Psychedelic Unit in tokyo called Tetragrammaton. and Suzuki Junzo who is known as vocalist and guitarist of "Miminokoto" (released new album from PSF), "20 guilders", and an acid folk soloist in Tokyo's underground scene. TOMO & Junzo calls a'qui avec Gabriel (accordion), who had released her album from Tzadik label to join as guest player. The track contains over 35 minutes electro-acoustic drone tune featuring with a'qui avec Gabriel as a guest accordionist, had released her debut album from John Zorn's Tzadik label. Limited edition of 120. after releasing it, a'qui avec Gabriel joined POURING HIGH WATER.

The first album from new psychedelic drone trio, "Pouring High Water" is formed by Suzuki Junzo (guitar), is also known as a member of "Miminokoto" and "20 guilders", TOMO (hurdy gurdy) from Tetragrammaton, and a'qui avec Gabriel (accordion), who had released her album from Tzadik label. The diversity of frequency is created by overlapped layers among three different instruments, which makes their sound unique.

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