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Zoffy ?? Pictures At An Exhibition (Nebula M78 records/M78CD-01/JPN/CD/2010)

1. Picture At An Exhibition Pt. 1 [18:58]
a) Promenade
b) The Gnome
c) Promenade
d) The Sage
e) The Old Castle
f) Blues Variation
2. Picture At An Exhibition Pt. 2 [14:25]
g) Promenade
h) The Hut Of Baba Yaga
i) The Curse Of Baba Yaga
j) The Hut Of Baba Yaga
k) The Great Gates Of Kiev
3. Nut Rocker [4:00]

Arranged By ? Zoffy
Tsuyama Atsushi : Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Recorder [Soprano], Lyrics
Kawabata Makoto : Synthesizer [Korg, Moog], Organ [Electric], Bouzouki, Sitar, Tambura, Hurdy Gurdy, Violin, Slide Guitar, Goblet Drum [Darbuka], Voice
Recorded at Acid Mothers Temple, Sep-Oct, 2010.
Engineered & Produced by Kawabata Makoto
Special thanks to Tabata Mitsuru.

Release Date Oct 2010
URL: http://www.acidmothers.com/

ELP were a revolutionary supergroup who left the 70s in their dust, then Zoffy are an anti-revolutionary dusteating superduo careening the wrong way back down the 21st century. On this, their most problematical work yet, they present an utterly audacious, unprecedented cover of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition". And guess what? ELP covered it too.
6 pages card-board jacket. Limited 500 copies only.


-Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective


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