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Ikuro Takahashi - Hututukahi Awatukahi : Drum Solo (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/ekn-R001/JPN/CDR/2011)

1.Untitled [22:59]
2.Untitled [13:22]
3.Untitled [10:32]

Ikuro Takahashi : Drums

Art Direction : Mihoko Yasui
Producer : Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Recorded By, Mixed By Richard Horner

Release Date jan 2011
URL: http://www.yamimimi.com/

Ikuro Takahashi's Solo studio recordings in 2011. who is the Drummer of Fushitsusha, LSD-March, Kousokuya, Maher Sharal Hash Baz, High Rise. Recorded at Black Snow Flake Sound in Sapporo.
Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. 2 pages Paper Sleeve.


Ikuro Takahashi
URL: http://www.yamimimi.com/it/
-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
URL: http://www.yamimimi.com/


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