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Kawabata Makoto / Osaka Loop Line (Acid mothers temple Re-Issue Series./AMTREP-01/JPN/CD/2007)

1. Osaka Loop Line Pt.1 [22:31]
2. Osaka Loop Line Pt.2 [22:43]

Instruments, Voice ? Kawabata Makoto

Release Date 2007
URL: http://www.acidmothers.com/

'Recorded at R.E.P. Studio, 1981. The original cassette (REP-028) was released by R.E.P. (Revolutionary Extrication Project) in 1980.' Part of the 'Kawabata Makoto's Early Works: Learning From The Past - R.E.P. Reissue Series'.

Kawabata Makoto's early works : Learning From The Past - R.E.P. Reissue Series. Edition of 500 copies.These recordings from 1981 feature Kawabata only on all instruments and voice. Psychedelic and droney with vocals buried underneath - this is the best of Kawabata's early works. This is the first volume in this limited edition series. Features two twenty two minute plus tracks and is housed in a slip case with re-sealable plastic sleeve with a vintage photo of Kawabata from back in 1981.(Volcanic Tongue)

-Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective


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