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Acid Mothers Temple with Ichiraku Yoshimitsu -Acid Mothers Temple Festival Vol. 7 (Acid Mothers Temple/AMTCD-021/JPN/CD/2011)

1. In E
2. Pink Lady Lemonade - Including Cosmic Soul Death Disco
3. Cometary Orbital Drive - Speed Gru or No Love & No Peace


Ichiraku Yoshimitsu : Drums, Doravideo
Tsuyama Atsuhi : monster bass, vocal, acoustic guitar, saxophone, cosmic joker
Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer, chorus, dancin'king
Shimura Koji : drums, latino cool}
Tabata Mitsuru : electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, vocal, maratab
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, guitar synthesizer, tambura, speed guru

live recorded at Tokuzo (Nagoya) on 13th Dec. 2009
engineered by Usui Yasuhiro (Tokuzo)
produced & mixed by Kawabata Makoto
digital mastered by Yoshida Tatsuya
art work by Tobi Kaori
special thanks to Ishida Yoko, Yasuda Hisashi, Suzuki Junzo and Tokuzo

Release Date Dec 11 2010
URL: http://www.acidmothers.com/

Acid Mothers Temple + Doravideo = Acidoravideo Mothers temple???
Recorded live at Tokuzo (Nagoya) on 13th Dec. 2008. Edition of 1000 copies.
"In some places this recording may contain noise arising from recording errors."


-Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective


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