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Suzuki Junzo / Shark-Infested Castard (Plunk's Plan-Nod And Smile Records/JPN-US/PPC011-MVD82161LP/CD-LP)

1.G-E.M.J | G-E.M.J [21:23]

2.銀匙の肌 | Skins of Silver Spoon [04:17]
3.シャーク・インフェステッド・カスタード | Shark-Infested Custard (to Henry V.) [16:31]

CD-15USD LP-30USD (incl.5USD Shipping Fee)

SUZUKI JUNZO: Electric Guitars, 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitars, E-Bow, Bells/Gongs, Vocals
Lonesome Death Dick: Bass [Track1.3], Harmonium [Track2]
Takahashi Ikuro: Drums [Track1,3]

Recorded at BLACK SNOW FLAKE SOUND in Sapporo/HOKKAIDO from March to April 2015
Engineered and Mixed by Richard Horner

Like to Thanks : Mikiko, Lilith and Rie
All Songs Composed and Produced by Suzuki Junzo


Also Available on CD/Digital from plunk's plan recordings PPCD011 c 2016 all rights reserved.
see: http://plunksplanrecordings.bandcamp.com

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Nod And Smile Records MVD8216LP

Release Date : April 11 2016

昨年のカセットリリース「IF I DIE BEFORE I WAKE」に続く9作目のソロアルバム!21分に及ぶトリップチューン"G-E.M.J", SIngsIIにおける、”真夏の底”、”夜の樹”を彷彿させるジェントルなフィンガーピッキングフォーク”銀匙の肌”、17分に及ぶスズキが長年追慕するキャンドヒートを初めとするクラシックブルースロックへのファズエコーまみれの

Tokyo guitarist/songwriter/singer Suzuki Junzo's new album! Known from his work with Miminokoto, 20 Guilders, Overhang Party and more, Junzo's Shark-Infested Custard mixes psychedelia, blues, drone, noise and rock into an intoxicating singular blend. Limited edition of 250 copies in a screen printed cover.
AATN: for foreign customer, if you buy 'SEVEN' Vinyl Record on this web shop, nowadays, shipping cost of Vynil record is expensive. so i send you invoice of total shipping after you checkout. thanks.





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